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What can we say, we just love cars…

Hull Car Sales was established off the back of a garage in the city which also works hand-in-hand with the insurance repair business.  This gives us access to many vehicles which required certain repairs to be done to them before they could return to the road again. We off course have done this and much more. In fact we believe we do more to our sale vehicles than anyone else in the area and possibly even the UK.

Hull Car Sales Who We Are.

How Is This Possible ?

Well, we are able to excel in an area where not many others can follow because everything is completed in-house without the need to involve a third party.

1…We have our own bodyshop to complete any paint or bodywork.

2…We have our own motor factor meaning we don’t need to order parts from anywhere else, thereby making huge savings on any parts required – this means we have no reason to try to cut corners to save money. Whatever the car needs – it gets.

3…We have our own garage with 14 ramps and are well known in the area for providing quality workmanship on many vehicles that come to us because other garages cannot fix them.

4…We have our own 5-Bay Tyre Centre so anything required such as new Tyres, Tracking, Pressure Monitoring Systems etc, you can be sure has already been taken care of.

5…We also have own our Engineering workshop / Engine Rebuilding Facility so you can be sure that all Engines are properly checked and there will be no broken bolts etc on our vehicles. Absolutely everything is taken care of. We truly aim to change the face of Car Sales in our area.

3…We are Diagnostic experts in our area so the vehicle, when a vehicle leaves us has absolutely no electrical gremlins waiting to re-surface in the near future and is sold with a completely clean bill of health.

4…If the vehicle has a Timing Belt then this is replaced before sale and not just with a Timing Belt but with a complete Timing Belt Kit and also a new Water Pump where needed. Timing Chain’s if fitted are inspected and check on our oscilloscope to check for stretching and then changed only if necessary but the Timing Belts are ALWAYS changed on any car with a value above £950.

5…If the vehicle is a Diesel, we always remove the DPF for professional cleaning before resale, the other emissions items such as EGR Valve, Turbo, Injectors and several sensors are carefully checked using Oscilloscope and Live Data Diagnostics to be sure that the full Emissions system is working well.

6…We are the only company in the area for many miles who has up-to-date Injection Testing equipment and we remove and check all Injectors on any Petrol or Diesel vehicle for sale for testing, reports are given for each Injector Test.

7…If the vehicle has Air-Conditioning, then this is replaced before sale as not only should you have working Air-Con in a vehicle you buy but the bacteria should also be re-cycled… Don’t worry in a good working Air-Con system the bacteria is friendly and absolutely necessary.

8…Every vehicle is given an O3 Sanitised the day before collection, the new O3 treatment is a machine which is set up and run in the closed cabin environment of the vehicle and thoroughly sanitises the entire cabin getting inside every little place you can imagine.

9…All cars leave with a complete emergency kit, bulbs, fuses, warning triangle, tow rope etc, so you can be sure if the worst happens then you are equipped to deal with the situation with the least amount of stress.

10…All vehicles come with our legendary 385 point check, this is what really sets up apart form everyone else. This check is a large list put together by us from the work we sometimes do for insurance companies whereby we have to assess accident damaged vehicles and due to the nature of this, it is natural for us to check absolutely everything and we carry these ethics onto the cars we sell to be sure that when you buy a car from us, you will not find better quality anywhere else in the Country for the same money and value.

11…Every car comes with a full years MOT with any failure items taken care of but also any advisory items too and throughout the years this has usually meant that most people have also breezed through the next two MOT’s before any repairs has needed to be done, except for the usual items like Tyres or Brake Pads.

12…A multitude of documentation is supplied with every vehicle sold by us showing and proving to you exactly what we have done on the car such as our legendary 385 Point Health Check … more on this later.

13…Finally the usual things are completed when a car is sold, such as valeting, interior and exterior clean, car mats etc… and don’t forget we also throw in an emergency kit.

14…We are absolutely convinced that nobody can get anywhere near our overall quality when we sell a car that we challenge you to tell us different. There are thousands of car sales companies out there selling cars today that don’t do even half of what we do and they charge much more for their cars. So buy from us and see why so many people return to us to buy their next car.

Hull Car Sales Our Mission.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to re-write what it means to buy a used car, we know what a large investment it sometimes means and how upsetting it can be when you have bought a car in good faith only to realise later that you have been sold a bad one. We have seen first-hand the upset and anguish caused by this as we have had to put right many cars brought to us by customers who have bought elsewhere. All these so-called Warranty companies are a waste of time also as most of the items they cover are items thaqt never seem to be covered and when a company sells you these cars with these warranties, they only pay £100 for this, so can you imagine that for example you maybe go and buy a £10,000 BMW from a dealer and the dealer can pay £100 to get you a useless warranty package and this means the dealer can now forget about you, he has sold you the car and has not got rid of any possible comebacks for paying just £100 while knowing that the Warranty company are going to do everything they can also to avoid shelling out for any repairs you may need. Trust us, we have previously worked with several of these warranty companies and they all seem to be equally worthless and that is why we do not touch them anymore. You should never accept a warranty from one of these companies when buying a car. When you buy a car from a dealer – always insist on the warranty from the company you are buying from and not a third party.

Why choose Us

There are many reasons to choose us, but we believe the key things are our experience and knowledge.  These are key to anyone buying a car so our 20 plus years in the repair industry count.  We have picked only the best vehicles fit for use and come with a full years MOT so you have nothing to worry about when you buy a used car from us.


We have been up and running in Hull for many years and our partner companies here are well known too for the high quality of service provided.

Wide Range Of Vehicles

Our quality means we try to keep a large range of vehicles in stock but sometimes can also completely sell out so please bear with us if you have viewed this site and there are only a few or even no cars for sale.

They Go Fast

Our highly competitive pricing means our vehicles in the showroom are not around for long so get in touch fast before it is gone.

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