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Frequently Asked Questions

We decided to clarify some of the questions you might have here in our frequently asked questions so you get the answers you need now.

Test Driving


At Hull Car Sales we aim to ensure that every car that is taken for a test drive is pre-inspected to a very high level. This is why on the day you drive away, we will ensure a full years MOT test certificate. This gives us you peace of mind that it is safe.

Test Driving

Everybody today wants to test drive a vehicle before they buy it to ensure they are happy with driving it. It is no different than trying clothes to ensure they fit and are comfortable. If you want to take it for a test drive with one of our customer service representatives, just ask.

1 Year MOT

Really, a full year?

All of our second hand cars come with a full years MOT on the day you drive away, after a full service check to ensure the car lasts till the end of the year and beyond. This ensures you get value for money nowhere else can offer so you have peace of mind in what you buy.

Keeping your car legal?

An MOT is the most important thing a car needs in order for it to be allowed on public roads throughout the UK. Without it, it can only be driven on private land. With our partner businesses and subsidiaries that have over 30 years of experience, the car you drive off in has been dealt by the best in the business.

After Sales

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Our after sales support is excellent, but there are a few rules. If we have had to fit parts to ensure it passes its MOT, the parts are covered by standard manufacturers warranty and in some cases the work we have done. In some minor cases you may have to cover some of the labour, but we are quietly confident that our second hand cars will last much longer from our years of sales so far.

Reporting An Issue

In some cases you may to contact us with an issue. You can do this in writing by email or letter and also by telephone which can be found on our website in numerous locations. We like to ensure our customers go away happy.


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